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Did you know that authentication usually means not only knowing brand-specific details, but also knowing what kind of fakes are out there? Designer authenticity is such an interesting topic, so we know that you'll enjoy looking at three very common types of fake Chanel bags out there.

First up is the obvious Fake Chanel Bags. The quality is very shoddy, and nearly every detail is completely wrong. This is the type of fake that is readily available and openly sold on the streets of metropolitan cities or in China town. Usually, the general public can tell that these bags are fake with slight observation.

This bag is the type that street vendors call A quality or high quality. They will usually not be openly displayed, but if customers push for "better" fakes, they will try to sell these at $100-$300. Absolutely NOT WORTH it!

We saved the worst and most interesting one for last. This bag was actually submitted to Lollipuff for sale. But, it never made it to listing, because it did not pass our authentication process.

Some of you may think this is authentic, but we assure you that it is a super fake Chanel bag. Super fakes are very difficult to procure for most people, unless they are purchased accidentally as an authentic item. Even if purchased directly from the counterfeiter, these fakes are not cheaply priced. Usually only brand experts will be able to pinpoint the different errors on these items and tell that this bag is counterfeit.

Counterfeiters have spread rumors that these super fakes are actually authentic items that were stolen from the factory or are leftovers. It's just not true. Don't believe the lies. High-end designers like Replica Chanel, Valentino, Prada, etc would never allow that to happen. These super fakes are entirely different items, and certain inspection points prove it.

It's important to mention that even if you don't care about supporting the brand that designed and marketed these items, counterfeits are NOWHERE close to the quality of authentic goods. If you want a beautiful piece that is durable, ages gracefully, and can be resold or passed down, always invest in an authentic item.

These bag looks very different from most Chanel classic double flap bags, and it never had a serial sticker. But, this last bag is not fake. This beautiful vintage piece was manufactured before 1986, before Chanel applied serial numbers to bags. We thought it was important to mention very vintage bags, as they oftentimes look very different from current day versions and are falsely accused of being counterfeit.

For more information, check out our general authentication guide for the classic Chanel double flap bag. And for authentic designer items every single time, shop the Chanel on sale here.

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